Working With Us

Many clients are referred to us based on a trusted relationship

or a previous successful engagement.  

Our intent is to make working with us simple and fair.

  • We’ll have an exploratory phone call to determine initial interest
  • We will conduct an introductory meeting to discuss specifics on

desired outcomes, timetable, our capability to deliver, and cost

  • In general, PBI will create a Letter of Agreement for discussion and signature. Other times the client will have a contract template that we will use.
  • We will hold a kick off meeting to clearly identify roles and responsibilities, expectations, challenges, process to be used, and initial actions
  • We will maintain at least weekly communication as to progress, obstacles, suggestions, next steps, etc.  We will always be honest, transparent, and direct with you.
  • In closing out a project, we will seek to identify your internal capacity to maintain momentum, document and celebrate successes, and part with mutual satisfaction.

If you want the unfiltered truth as we see it based on our focus on excellence, experience, and passion, then please call us.

 If you are just using us to check a box or don’t have the will or resources

to implement the recommendations we agree on,

then we are not the right firm for you.

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