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Creating Prince William County’s next Strategic Plan

We/PBI are honored to be leading the facilitation of Prince William County’s 2025–28 Strategic Plan.

Not only is this the second largest County in Virginia, it’s also where I live.

So far, the project has been wonderful.

  • I have a talented, experienced, and passionate (PBI) team
  • The County employees are nice people and have been very collaborative and enjoyable to work with
  • We have used a number of best practices from previous successful engagements
  • The process is very inclusive – gathering input from employees, residents, the elected officials, the business community, the cities and towns that are part of the County, etc.
  • We are committed to defining 4 year goals that are aspirational, measurable, and outcome-based
  • The process will ensure that the Objectives support the Goals … and that the Strategies support the Objectives
  • The key audiences will have an opportunity to review and comment on the (nearly final) Draft Plan
  • Departmental Workplans will be created to operationalize the finalized Strategies
  • A new dashboard will facilitate ongoing measurement and conversations

This is why PBI works with local governments. Yes, there are conflicting voices and needs, but the mission is almost always the same – to provide services  (Police, Fire & Rescue, Schools, Public Works, Social and Family Services, Parks & Recreation, Economic Development, and more) in an effective and fiscally responsible manner.

We believe in Organizational Excellence. Our commitment is to lead both the development of a plan that accomplishes the jurisdiction’s unique context and situation, but also prepares them to achieve it over time  via a culture of Organizational Excellence.

The finalized plan will serve as a guiding document for resourcing decisions, focusing collaboration toward community outcomes, a communication vehicle about where the County is going and its’ progress, and to stimulate engagement to make the County a great place to live, work, and play.

This is MY passion. I’d enjoy talking with anyone who is interested or involved in strategic planning work.

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