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Have Great Leaders..

Leadership Training and Development

Great leaders..

They don’t have to be flashy or extremely charismatic, but they do have to be visionary, competent, and have high integrity.

We help leaders at all levels

Learn more –
  • About themselves
  • Their organization
  • What it takes to be a great organization.

Create an Exceptional Workplace

    Proactive Leadership Development

    One of PBI’s mentors said:

    An organization can only go as far as its level of executive intelligence

      That’s not meant to be demeaning. There are aspects of leadership, team dynamics, and the holistic view of organizational excellence that most leaders (emerging and experienced) still need.
    • We teach and coach leadership, management, and supervisory mindsets, knowledge, and skills.
    • We provide practice opportunities and feedback to help emerging leaders develop confidence.

    Challenge: Leadership is not thinking/acting as a team or modeling desired behavior

    There are many reasons why the leadership cadre may not be performing as a team.

    We will use interviews and surveys to assess why this is so and the impact on organizational performance, then recommend direct actions to be implemented to correct this unhealthy situation.

    We will show you how to create a Culture of Accountability

    Accountability is weak – This is another significant cause of “ongoing” low performance.

    First, leaders and managers must provide clear expectations and feedback. Low performance must be addressed – mostly by providing needed support and by adding rewards or consequences that motivate the person to more fully commit time and effort. We will show you how to create a Culture of Accountability.

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