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“Great strategy is key to Organizational Excellence, but not the only piece.” – Jeff P.

Strategic Planning and Alignment

Great organizations also have a clear vision of their future and their path to achieving it.

The best strategic plans are compelling, personalized (NO cut and paste), measureable, and useable. They are built using all key voices in the organization.

Are you using yours … or is it sitting on the shelf?

    Challenge: Lack of strategic direction, focus, or the organization feels stuck

    Actionable visions and strategic plans guide the organization’s thinking, budgeting, and activities.

    We help you create specific outcomes that reflect the four perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard (customer, internal processes, organizational capacity, and financial), then translate those into actionable initiatives.

    We also use the Scenario Planning approach to anticipate and incorporate potential positive or negative environmental changes.

    Challenge: Customers are not delighted

    Customer Delight is maximizing both the customer outcome AND the customer experience.

    We help you define the real needs and wants of your key customers, use a quick and simple way to assess the level of Customer Delight, then choose initiatives to move toward greater customer advocacy.

    Survey design and analysis

    Surveys can be overused. Well designed, conducted, and analyzed though, they can provide a wealth of information about the workforce’s perceptions and feelings on different issues.

    We custom build surveys that gather data on individual or multiple topics related to people, processes, customers, technology, and more. We are experts in this area. Let us show you.

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