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“An organization’s greatest asset is not its people. It’s your reputation. Your people are your greatest resource and a major contributor to your reputation.” – Jeff P.

Executive Coaching

Coaching has finally become mainstream and viewed as valuable. Why? Because it’s tailored and personalized.

It starts where people are. With the coach’s help, the coachee decides where she/he wants to get to. Some of our coachees have made life changing decisions and never looked back. Call us to explore how this could work for you.

    Managerial style and relationships

    Leadership and management is getting work done through others. Our executive coaching helps leaders and managers understand how others see you and adjust your behavior to be more effective.

    We use interviews and multiple assessments (360-degree feedback, StrengthsFinder, DISC, Myers-Briggs, etc.) to gather and share a more robust picture about strengths and developmental opportunities.

    Defining Performance Expectations

    People want to know what’s expected of them – for both tasks and behavior. This also includes managers from their leaders.

    These should be expressed in terms of results that the boss wants and how those will be measured (not a series of tasks that make you feel like robots).

    We help leaders articulate and share their expectations so that they can use them as a solid baseline for delivering feedback.

    Finding one’s Passion and Gift to Identify one’s Career/Life Direction

    Every career decision is a life decision. We believe that people should change their thinking from “I could do xxx” to “I want to do yyy”.

    We help those that are willing to invest the time and effort to assess their interests, skills, personality, and values to create their ideal occupation/career, then go evaluate what’s out there that comes closest to this picture. When there’s a match, Sunday nights no longer suck.

    Coaching is available in either one or two hour sessions

    1 Hour Coaching

    • 1 session
    • 2 sessions
    • 3 sessions
    • 4 sessions

    2 Hour Coaching

    • 1 Session
    • 2 Sessions
    • 3 Sessions
    • 4 Sessions

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