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Change Enablement

Change is constant now; we must continuously adapt. With COVID-19, we now have virtual meetings, on-line training, and an even greater need for leaders to measure by results (vs. physical presence), etc. We need to broaden our mindsets, then learn and practice new skills on agility, resilience, and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion).
People respond to change emotionally. Think about previous change efforts you’ve seen or been involved with. Why did they go well or poorly? Is your workforce jaded from those?

Studies show that approximately 70% of major organizational change efforts don’t achieve their desired objectives.

We will guide you through the build, implement, and sustain phases to ensure your change is successful.

    Move away from a Culture that is counter to vision or “accidental”

    To move the culture in the desired direction, organizations should develop and implement core values in a fully inclusive way and leaders should model, measure, and reward the desired behaviors.

     We help you describe the culture you have, the one you want, and guide your journey to the new one.

    Organizational assessment

    Organizations are complex. Most assessments only look at pieces of the organization and not the interrelationships between systems, functions, levels, etc. 

    We have simple as well as complex assessments that are holistic in nature, show you the linkages, and provide you actionable feedback.

    These assessments use document reviews, interviews, surveys, and observation to get a complete and accurate picture from which to report our findings and recommendations.

    Leading change in a team or organization

    Organizational change is around winning hearts and minds.

    We are experts in helping leaders guide their organizations through change initiatives – teaching them why people embrace or resist change, how to gain buy-in (WIIFM – What’s In It For Me?), and making it relevant for current or upcoming change in your organization.

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