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Employee Inclusion and Engagement

We KNOW and will show you how to engage your workforce. You have to execute it.

Over the past 20 years, the Gallup Organization has found approximately 30% of the workforce is engaged, 50% not engaged, and 20% actively disengaged.

    Overcome workforce confusion, fatigue, or burnout

    We see this issue a lot. Often it is due to overload, but frequently that overload is largely due to a lack of clear expectations and/or priorities.

     Either way, leaders must identify the root cause(s) and address them. They should also put the systems and procedures in place so that they don’t have to constantly depend on “hero behavior”.

    Assess low or minimal employee (including managers) passion and commitment

    Low employee engagement and commitment is poison.

    We will assess the level of engagement and root causes of low commitment, then work with you to implement lasting approaches (caring, integrity, trust) that will draw out your employees’ “discretionary effort.”

    Difficulty retaining great/good employees

    This is related to low engagement, but could have other factors.

    It might be that people are not working in roles that use their passion and strengths, feel there are limited growth opportunities, etc. We’ll help you identify the root cause of these losses and what effective actions you should take.

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