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Performance Management

We specialize in creating performance management systems for success and diagnosing your toughest performance challenges.

Performance Management

Does your organization have the structures in place to REALLY manage performance?

  • Do you really recognize and reward high performers?  
  • Do you hold poor performers accountable (or provide support they are missing)?
  • Do your training programs change people’s behaviors and improve their performance?

Create an Exceptional Workplace

    Challenge: Knowledge, skills, and confidence are inadequate

    This is where training can help. Other approaches include coaching, mentoring, and job rotation.

    Training can only solve performance issues where there is a lack of knowledge or skills. We will help you identify and overcome both the training and the non-training causes and barriers to high performance.

    Challenge: Training and Performance Consulting needs are not addressed

    Many organizations equate training and performance. Training can only improve performance when there is a knowledge or skill gap.

    Other root causes have a direct leadership role/responsibility. These include – right person in the right role, clear expectations, timely and specific feedback, positive work environment, recognition/rewards for high performance, and accountability for low performance. We use the Performance Consulting approach to clearly identify and address the root cause(s) of low performance.

    Challenge: Measures and recognition/rewards are not constantly reinforcing desired behaviors

    We help you evaluate your current systems and implement changes that make your measures more strategic and meaningful and your recognition/rewards more timely and credible to the workforce.

    We specialize in helping organizations create “transformative measures” that accelerate their progress toward excellence.

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