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Leadership Training and Development

“Leadership is gaining and keeping more followers.”  

 “Leadership is doing the right things; Management is doing things right.”

We generally view training as an event … and development as an ongoing process.  

When designed and delivered well, training can improve knowledge and skills

Development includes training as well as a broader array of approaches including coaching, mentoring, job rotation, etc.   With more opportunities for practice and feedback, development increases the chances of also improving a person’s confidence.

Both should have some pre and post training interaction between the learner/participant and their manager/supervisor.   This helps set the stage for the proper mindset when attending training and knowing that you have permission and support to use what you’ve learned when you return to the job.


One of the key concepts that should be covered in Leadership Development is Power/Influence. 

There are two types of power or influence.  Each can be effective – when used in certain situations.

•     Position Power/Influence  –  Use of your title or position to get tasks done.   This doesn’t even have to be verbalized or communicated through body language.  It can be inferred (or even perceived by the follower) knowing the history or the relationship.   Position Power is effective for compliance on short-term tasks.

•     Personal Power/Influence – People want to follow you; they seek/give you their follower-ship.  Personal Power comes from a leader’s:                                                                                               

  • competence,
  • integrity, and
  • personality  (hopefully all three combined).

Personal Power is effective for winning longer-term commitment and having followers go “above and beyond.”   It’s one of the keys for higher Employee Engagement.

The best leaders have both … and know when to use each.

Action Item:   Which approach (training or development) does your organization or team use?  Do the managers/supervisors get involved to help ensure the training becomes learning … and that the learning transfers into performance?  Does your program talk about Power/Influence and how that’s used/should be used?   Finally, what outcomes (behaviors and results) are you getting from your Leadership Development efforts?

This REALLY matters.  Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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