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Nine Years with Cancer

This month, I … (am not sure what the right verb is … Celebrate?  Acknowledge?  Note?) that I have completed 9 full years with cancer. 

The tumor is wrapped around the Aorta so it can never come out. So after almost two years of wishing and hoping, we had to adjust our mindset to “managing it”. 

It has NOT been easy – on me, my family, my business partners, and even my clients. People have been very understanding and supportive for which I’m very grateful. 

There have been lots of adjustments.  Cancer can cause additional complications – increased risk of heart, stroke, and other problems. It will affect what activities you can do/not do and how well, your endurance, you may have to modify your routine. You’ll definitely have to arrange your schedule to include medical appointments.  

At this same time, it will cause you to pause.  For that, I’ll include the 9 things I learned in these 9 years: 

  • You think about your mortality more … as well as those who have gone before you 
  • Mindset and attitude are everything – for me that means faith, positivity, nature, relationships, humor, and not having a “Why Me?” mentality.  I reflect on three words daily – grateful, resilient, and outside. 
  • Don’t judge anyone by how they look. You have NO idea what they are dealing with. 
  • You can and should ask for help. You deserve it. Hopefully, you’ve earned it. 
  • Your medications will cause side effects – some of them distasteful. Accept those because they are keeping you alive. 
  • Here’s yet another way you can help people. Share what you can. You may need a coach, but you could also be a coach. 
  • Manage your life strategically. Make sure you pay attention to all key components – health, family, faith, physical, financial, legal, etc.  
  • Pets help 
  • Never give up – physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually 

I have learned that I am not alone. 

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