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So … Mr./Ms. Leader, How do you Measure Yourself?

There are tons of leadership (and management) inventories and assessments.

I prefer to use questions that reflect the everyday work life.

Your Reputation:

  • Do people smile when you enter the room? Or smile when you leave the room?
  • What five adjectives would you use to describe your leadership style?
  • What three adjectives would people use to describe your leadership style?
  • Do high performers want to join your team?
  • Do you collaborate well with others … or are you “Mr./Ms. Silo”?

How You Lead:

  • Have you chosen a great team?
  • How well have you prepared them for success?  (PBI has a “Performance Equation”)
  • How well do you delegate?  Is it a full task or only the mundane?
  • Do you really let them do their job … or is there a lot of “Mother May I?” ?
  • Have you developed/prepared employees to leave for more responsibility? Do you let them go?
  • How well are you developing your own leadership skill set?

Your Effectiveness:

  • Do you get “compliance” or earn “commitment”? Are they giving their “discretionary effort”?
  • Are you addressing both the “task” and the “people” side of the work?
  • Do you enhance communication, collaboration, unity, and trust?
  • Do your people feel valued?
  • How well does work get done when you are not around?
  • What is your team’s reputation?


Let me know how you did.

As well, if you know a leader that needs a dose of “best practices”,

I can help those that are willing to be helped.

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