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Celebrating the Women in Our Lives

Today, March 1st, begins the celebration of Women’s History Month.  No doubt there will be a lot of press on the women who made history in our country, across the world, and over the span of time.

BUT …  I’d like to use this month (and forum) to acknowledge the women who have made a difference

in my life.  In my coaching, I ask folks:

“What one thing did you learn most from ….. ?”

With that in mind, here’s mine:

From my Mom: “Everything controlled by people is negotiable; gratefulness; accountability

From my Wife: To have a caring heart/patience/Spanish; broadening my food “likes”; and sharing the duties

From my Daughter:  Love of animals/nature/adventurous spirit/soccer

From my Sister: The importance of family/generously giving your time and talents

From my various Business Partners: 

  • To shut up and let them talk (I have a piece of duct tape on the inside of my folder)
  • Not over-thinking things
  • Yoga, energy, and chakras, and
  • Some technology (we’re still working on that one)

Have you ever given thought into what you’ve learned from whom? 

    How about … how you use it or are going to use it?  

          I use most of the above except pure yoga (I do more of stretching)

How about that thinking in reverse?

What did you teach your Mom?  Wife?  Daughter?  Business partners?

That’s a little harder for me, but I’ll give it a try.

I hope you do as well

To my Mom:   Dad’s not really that bad a guy

To my Wife:    Sharing is good – I’ll watch Hallmark movies if you watch the Patriots with me; there are a few things that I really can cook; how to say La Jolla, Yosemite, and Worchester

To my Daughter:    Writing and patience with all my red-lining; swimming; driving

To my Sister:    To be more tolerant

To my Business partners:   How to put up with me; Ok – some of my work specialties like coaching and performance consulting; that partnering is really fun and productive

Let’s use March to reflect on the women (and girls) in our lives.  Let’s listen more and talk less

(I’m still work-in-progress on that one).  Let’s help them feel valued and special – because they ARE!

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