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Have you ever had a great mentor? 

We don’t get through life alone. 

We have parents, teachers, bosses, (for me) the military, and others that play a more formal role. 

But we also have those that “take us under their wing”. 

Sometimes we seek it; other times they find us. 

I’m not going to debate the terms mentor (longer-term, less outcome-based) vs. coach here. 

It used to be that we could point to one person as our mentor. 

Over the past 20 – 30 years it’s become common to have multiple mentors that help us in different ways. The concept of reverse mentoring is now pretty commonplace. 

What can/do mentors do? 

  • Show others the way (the organization, your career, skills) 
  • Provide support and be an anchor 
  • Champion them (referrals, introductions, celebrate) 

Who have mine been?  I’ve had plenty: 

  • My Dad (“Don’t burn any bridges”; “Use every scrap of time”) 
  • Roger Murtha (trumpet, music, life) 
  • Wayne Carter (Coast Guard, story about him in an upcoming blog) 
  • Dr. Vince Patton (training, performance, leadership) 
  • Dr. Margo Murray (mentoring – as she is the “Queen of Mentoring”) 
  • Cheryl Hilvert (local governments) 
  • Nick Molfino (business and reverse mentoring) 

Who have yours been? What did they give? What did you use? 

Did the mentoring you received, inspire you to mentor others? 

I feel that not enough organizations have mentoring programs (formal, informal, or a mentoring culture). Hopefully this post inspires you to do more as a mentor and to encourage your organization to do more. 

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