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What About Personal Excellence?

Last month I posted about Organizational Excellence, provided some examples of who has achieved it, and challenged my readers to define how they can personally support the “journey”.

OK, so that makes me think about Personal Excellence.  Wow. That’s a loaded concept.  It’s embedded in many things – your view of life, of work, of yourself, and of your WHY.

To a degree, I feel someone needs to define (even loosely) who they are as a person and what they stand for.  All “measurements” require some form of baseline to compare against.

But … we are complex beings.  We can have excellence in some areas and be woefully short in others. Is there an overall “score” for that?  Adding more complexity, we may place different weight or emphasis on some areas over others.

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What are you TRULY thankful for? 

Thanksgiving is next week. Most people will use the holiday (and the season) to reflect more deeply on what they are thankful for. 

I’ve spoken about this in numerous posts over the last two years. In short, I am: 

  • Grateful to be alive (I’m now 8 ½ years with cancerous tumor wrapped around the Aorta) 
  • Grateful for my wife and family (not just caretakers, but love and comfort) 
  • Grateful to have a job I love (my own business). Note: some clients are better than others. 
  • Grateful to be safe   
  • Grateful to have co-workers/business partners who I really like and trust 
  • Grateful for the environment and its beauty (especially during this fall season) 
  • Grateful to be fully immersed in two different cultures (white and Latino) 
  • Any many more 

How about you? 

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Have you ever had a great mentor? 

We don’t get through life alone. 

We have parents, teachers, bosses, (for me) the military, and others that play a more formal role. 

But we also have those that “take us under their wing”. 

Sometimes we seek it; other times they find us. 

I’m not going to debate the terms mentor (longer-term, less outcome-based) vs. coach here. 

It used to be that we could point to one person as our mentor. 

Over the past 20 – 30 years it’s become common to have multiple mentors that help us in different ways. The concept of reverse mentoring is now pretty commonplace. 

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It’s February.  What an interesting month.

The excitement of the holidays is long past. Some of the resolutions and plans have already faded off the screen. It’s usually the worst weather of the year (cold, wind, snow). We feel trapped inside.

There are things to celebrate. The Chinese New Year occasionally falls in February. Black History Month highlights the achievements and history of African-Americans. Valentine’s Day reminds us to send and receive all kinds of love. President’s Day salutes two of our best – Lincoln and Washington – although we combine it into one day. And occasionally, we celebrate Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday in February.

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Life Direction

It’s January again! Ya’ll know what that means. Resolutions, plans, etc. Hopefully, they continue at least into March.

This blog is about the broader issue of Life Direction. I believe that your thinking about life direction should begin with knowing yourself and what you stand for. We’ll start with questions:

  • What is your WHY?
  • Do you have a MANTRA?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What are the key experiences that have shaped your philosophy?
  • Do you have life balance?
  • Do you know your top 5 of the CLIFTON STRENGTHS?
  • For your work, do you have an elevator speech?
  • What are five adjectives that describe your leadership style?
  • What are your other sayings?

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March Madness and Excellence

This is an exciting time of year. Spring has finally arrived with better weather, flowers, trees, etc.

We get outside more than we’ve been. AND … March Madness.

Most of it happens in March, but it always ends in April. Nevertheless, I feel it’s when we see the most drama and thrilling basketball all year. Tons of nail biters and overtime games. 

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