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What are you TRULY thankful for? 

Thanksgiving is next week. Most people will use the holiday (and the season) to reflect more deeply on what they are thankful for. 

I’ve spoken about this in numerous posts over the last two years. In short, I am: 

  • Grateful to be alive (I’m now 8 ½ years with cancerous tumor wrapped around the Aorta) 
  • Grateful for my wife and family (not just caretakers, but love and comfort) 
  • Grateful to have a job I love (my own business). Note: some clients are better than others. 
  • Grateful to be safe   
  • Grateful to have co-workers/business partners who I really like and trust 
  • Grateful for the environment and its beauty (especially during this fall season) 
  • Grateful to be fully immersed in two different cultures (white and Latino) 
  • Any many more 

How about you? 

I challenge you to think openly and broadly. Then, write it down, reflect on it, and keep refining the list. 

Use my Horizontal Maslow for starters: 

  • Spirituality 
  • Health/physical 
  • Family  (nuclear and extended) 
  • Your values 
  • Career 
  • Finance 
  • Home 
  • Service/giving 
  • Friends 
  • Fun 
  • Add in your own 

I use the acronym EGS (Everybody’s Got Stuff) all the time. We should be giving equal time to acknowledge all the things that have gone/are going right in our life. 

Whose life have you made better in the last week?  In the last year? 

Don’t eat too much! 

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