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Author: Leanne Reed


It’s February.  What an interesting month.

The excitement of the holidays is long past. Some of the resolutions and plans have already faded off the screen. It’s usually the worst weather of the year (cold, wind, snow). We feel trapped inside.

There are things to celebrate. The Chinese New Year occasionally falls in February. Black History Month highlights the achievements and history of African-Americans. Valentine’s Day reminds us to send and receive all kinds of love. President’s Day salutes two of our best – Lincoln and Washington – although we combine it into one day. And occasionally, we celebrate Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday in February.

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Life Direction

It’s January again! Ya’ll know what that means. Resolutions, plans, etc. Hopefully, they continue at least into March.

This blog is about the broader issue of Life Direction. I believe that your thinking about life direction should begin with knowing yourself and what you stand for. We’ll start with questions:

  • What is your WHY?
  • Do you have a MANTRA?
  • Who do you serve?
  • What are the key experiences that have shaped your philosophy?
  • Do you have life balance?
  • Do you know your top 5 of the CLIFTON STRENGTHS?
  • For your work, do you have an elevator speech?
  • What are five adjectives that describe your leadership style?
  • What are your other sayings?

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My birthday is coming up. Normally it’s a blah “Woo Hoo”. Like anniversaries, they are a bigger deal when it’s a “0” or a “5”.

This one is neither of those. But, it is another year of successfully dealing with cancer. I’ve had a malignant tumor since early 2015. It’s wrapped around the aorta and therefore can never come out.

So birthdays DO have meaning to me.

What is that meaning? It’s a reminder of my mortality … a nudge to use every day … to live more in the present. .. and to get more life balance. Reminds me that I am (and need to continue to be) a true Saggie.

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Do You Really Appreciate Veterans?

Veterans Day on November 11th is coming up soon. How will you acknowledge it … or … show appreciation to a veteran?

Let’s start with “What is a Veteran?” Basically it is “a former member of the armed services”. There are five branches of the United States military (armed services). They are: Coast Guard, Air Force, Marines, Navy, and Army. You’ll notice that this definition does not include the men and women who are currently serving. That’s called “active duty”.

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Managers as Coaches

Can a Manager be a Coach? Much has been written on this. I believe that managers can and should DO coaching.

Think about the Manager you would follow anywhere. What did she/he say or do? What did he/she NOT say or NOT do? How did you think, feel, and act because of that manager’s behavior?

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Returning to Work

Here comes the next big dilemma. For both employers and employees.

August is the last month of summer vacation. Some schools restart before Labor Day. Others start after. There are many issues to consider – from both sides. A lot of that has been covered by other articles. I’d like to look at it from the psychological point of view:

Recently the Governor of Virginia made returning to the office mandatory. After that, more than 300 of his state government employees resigned.

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June 2022 is over. Now we have officially had 2 ½ years of tough times. 

Even though we are starting to come out of the pandemic, there are still struggles – health and safety (several angles), uncertainty, political, not enough time. Employers have difficulty hiring, gaining commitment, and keeping qualified people as well as getting new business. Employees’ lives are complicated with more choice, telework decisions, child care, finances, etc.

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Trumpet and Flag Day

June 14th is Flag Day in the United States. 

                Do you know that? I would suspect that a lot of people don’t.

Flag Day comes just about two weeks after Memorial Day. Both have real significance for us.

Memorial Day is for honoring those military members that gave their life for our country.

Flag Day was created to observe the anniversary of the 1777 approval of the design of the first American Flag. Since then, the flag has evolved, but the colors remain and have the same meaning:

Red: Hardiness and Valor

White: Purity and Innocence

Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice

                I’ve played trumpet since 5th grade. Played in the Coast Guard Academy’s marching band when we did formal (parade) reviews. I’ve played TAPS at some 50 different funerals or memorial services. Some of these were even for “burials at sea”. Ask me and I will tell you the story about one of them that’s quite remarkable.

The toughest two were for my Mom and Dad. I couldn’t speak or do any part of the eulogy,    but I could play TAPS – outside the church, down the steps, and facing away from the entrance.

This year (as well as the two before it), I participated in a new Memorial Day tradition where trumpeters/buglers, all across America, play TAPS at 3:00 p.m. sharp.

The first year, I just sat on the front steps and played for the neighbors J.   Bear with the photo; it’s tough to do a selfie while appearing to play the trumpet. These last two years I played in front of our County’s Government Center (facing a four lane divided highway) with 100 U.S. flags behind me. 

                So, back to Flag Day and the flag.  What do you do when an American flag passes by at a parade or military event?  What do you do when an official ceremony includes the Star Spangled Banner?  I hope it’s that you put your hand over your heart and give thanks to our country. As troubled and divided as we are now, we are still a beacon of hope that draws people from all over the globe to make incredible sacrifices under dangerous conditions to get and live here. 

                So, yes Flag Day. But for me it’s a reminder of my military background, service, and mindset.  The flag means something. It deserves reverence. I hope this blog serves as a stimulus to think about your relationship with our flag. Doesn’t have to be showy. Just whatever is sincere and meaningful to you.

                What do I do on Flag Day? I add this to my daily gratefulness prayer – giving thanks that I was/am privileged to have been born here and grow up with the freedoms, rights, and protections that we enjoy – due to the vision and sacrifices of those who came before us.

That fuels me to continue their work. I urge you to do the same.

                Thanks for listening.

Customer Delight from a Client Bill of Rights

We believe each Client has the right to:

  1. A sense of TRUE VALUE.  We will always have your “best interests at heart,” and deliver the best result(s) possible.
  2. Open, honest, and CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS.  We will always pay attention to what you tell us, ask probing questions to learn more, tell you what we think/feel and not what you want to hear, ensure a sense of urgency and attention to detail in all we do, respond promptly to any questions you may have, and provide you with regular status updates about your projects.
  3. MUTUAL TRUST.  We will always preserve your privacy, respect your confidentiality, and promise not to disclose Client information or results without your approval.  We will always keep our commitments.
  4. PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR.  We will treat you and your employees with courtesy, respect, fairness, integrity, and ethical and professional behavior.
  5. Seasoned, experienced, and PASSIONATE PROFESSIONALS.  We promise you    no novice coaches, no junior consultants, and no neophyte trainers.  We will always provide you with seasoned professionals who are extremely experienced, possess proven expertise, and have demonstrated proficiency in their field.
  6. “WIN-WIN” SOLUTIONS, not excuses.  We will always collaborate with you to find logical “win-win” solutions to accomplish your needs.
  7. DEVELOP THE CAPACITY to do the work yourself.  We promise to not “hang around.”  We will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to move forward without us.
  8. BEST PRACTICES.  We assure you that we will stay current with the industry’s and/or topic’s body of knowledge and best practices, so that we do not provide you with outdated or obsolete information or skills.
  9. QUALITY and CREATIVITY.  We will instill quality and creativity in all we provide, ensuring your requirements are met with creativity, vision, innovation, ingenuity, and resourcefulness.  Furthermore, we promise that participants in our workshops will always be engaged, feel challenged, and never be bored or apathetic.
  10. CLIENT DELIGHT!  We will always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, and not be satisfied merely meeting them.  You—the Client—are our focus. We know that without you, we would cease to be.

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